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Glenridding-3 Small
Glenridding-2 Small
Glenridding-1 Small
Glenridding-4 Small
Red Line
Wales-1 Small

Llangollen Canal

Wales-6 Small

Menai Strait Caernarfon


Wales-3 Small
Wales-2 Small Wales-4 Small

Llangollen Canal

Braich Goch Bunkhouse Car Park

Caernarfon Castle

Wales-7 Small
Wales-8 Small Wales-9 Small

Menai Strait Caernarfon

“The Morning After the Night Before”

Braich Goch Bunkhouse Corris

Wales-11 Small

Tal Y Llyn Lake

Wales-12 Small

A Weary Traveller

Wales-5 Small

Caernarfon Castle

Wales-10 Small

A487 Nr. Corris

Red Line


Scotland-4 Small Scotland-5 Small
Scotland-6 Small
Scotland-1 Small Scotland-3 Small
Scotland-2 Small
Scotland-7 Small
Scotland-8 Small
Red Line
France Gorron-1 Small
France Gorron-2 Small


Aw Go On Lads  Let Me Sit With You

France-St Malo-7 Small

St. Malo

France-St Malo-8 Small

St. Malo

France Pete & Rusty's-13 Small

Pete & Rusty’s Nr. Gorron


France Gorron-3 Small

Gorron Town Hall

France-St Malo-9 Small

St. Malo

France Fougeres-4 Small

Fougeres Town Square

France-St Malo-10 Small

St. Malo Harbour

France Pete & Rusty's-14 Small
France-Eperlecques-15 Small

Chateau du Gandspette Campsite Nr. Eperleques

Pete & Rusty’s Nr. Gorron

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France-5 Small

Somewhere In France

France-St Malo-6 Small

St. Malo

France-St Malo-11 Small France-St Malo-12 Small

St. Malo

France-Eperlecques-16 Small

“A Happy Camper”

St. Malo

Red Line